This job-oriented software solution removes the guesswork from evaluating colors. It’s easy configurability allows for the creation and management of print jobs throughout the printing workflow, ensuring that all of the information critical to a successful print run is available to all workflow participants.

Choose Color iQC Print for color quality control  and benefit from:
•  Compliance with industry standards, including G7, PSO,  ISO, JPMA.
•  Define quality metrics like Density, dE, Dot Gain, Overprint/ Trapping and Gray balance.
•  Operations Managers, Production and Ink Lab Managers can tailor to meet their department needs, whether by shift, operator or locations.
•  Associate by job, sheet or sample set.
•  Meet brand managers color expectations by  enabling PantoneLIVE.
•  Integrated with NetProflier allows IQC to support accurate measurements on an enterprise level.

Global Connectivity—Any Place, Any Time
Color iQC Print provides multiple methods for users to select and format color data, directing it to a location or application of choice within the color network. This ability for color systems to share data across time and geography is becoming increasingly important in a fast-paced and highly connected working environment. An easy-to-use application program interface (API) allows direct connectivity to software functionality.

Innovative Color Quality Control Solution for Print and Packaging Improve Productivity with Measurement  Modes and Templates
Within Color iQC Print, color measurements are containers that can have multiple spectral curves, user defined tags, security settings, measurement properties, procedures and colormetric data. Jobs and their contents, settings and layouts can be derived from pre-established templates, allowing the creation of tailored job types preset for routine functions, eliminating repetitive work and improving productivity.

Preserve Critical Color Data for More Accurate Communication
Sending a job to another user within Color iQC Print is easy. Color iQC Print transfers all of its contents, including settings, displays, screen layout, tolerances and data, preserving everything exactly as it was specified in the source system. Color iQC Print also allows the creation of desktops tailored for different workflows and for different types of users to streamline the work process.

Traceability and Continuity Within  the Production Workflow
For every measurement, colorant and collection in Color iQC Print, a unique code is created that allows the identification of that specific object during its entire life cycle, allowing reliable color data to be circulated within the global color network. Each measurement contains a signature that validates the instrument conditions used to measure it, the type of instrument, the procedures used and any NetProfiler actions or model transforms applied to the data.