Böttcher is the world's leader in press roller technology. Within the offset and newspaper printing industry, Böttcher's advanced rubber compounds are well known for producing superior printing results and for running longer without needing roller adjustments. Böttcher rubber compounds are manufactured exclusively by Böttcher. The compounds are mixed in the Böttcher mixing plant, one of the most modern rubber mixing plants in the world. In our laboratory, we are able to test the chemical compatibility of our compounds with any inks and solvents that are used in your pressroom.

Most Böttcher rollers are delivered "press ready" with new factory installed bearings and spacers. And they are always manufactured to the high tolerances and specifications of the original equipment manufacturer.

Roller Exchange Program

You call us and we ship your new rollers to you immediately.The Böttcher Roller Exchange Program delivers rollers to your doorstep in the shortest possible time, even on the same day! Our Roller Exchange Program, unequaled in the industry, means that you do not have to wait with your presses idle when you need a roller. And you can reduce your roller inventory! The program works like this:

  1. We invoice you only for the cost of the rubber covering.
  2. You ship us your old rollers, the ones being replaced. And if you do not change out your rollers immediately, that's okay too. You have 60 days to return your old rollers to us at one of our locations.

Almost all of the rollers in our Roller Exchange Program are shipped press ready. This means that they are fitted in our factory with new bearings and accessories.

Roller Recover Program

Böttcher will also recover your old rollers. Send your old rollers to us and we will cover them with the same award-winning rubber compound that we use on all of our new rollers. We use unique processes to apply the rubber to the core and to vulcanize the compound.

Each roller is ground by computer-controlled grinders and tightly calibrated. For most models of rollers, we replace the bearings so that it will arrive in your shop press ready. Recovered rollers will perform just as well as new ones.

Recovering cores you send usually takes from one to two weeks.

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