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Roller - Blanket

Press Rollers

Böttcher is the world's leader in press roller technology. Within the offset and newspaper printing industry, Böttcher's advanced rubber compounds are well known for producing superior printing results and for running longer without needing roller adjustments. Böttcher rubber compounds are manufactured exclusively by Böttcher. The compounds are mixed in the Böttcher mixing plant, one of the most modern rubber mixing plants in the world. In our laboratory, we are able to test the chemical compatibility of our compounds with any inks and solvents that are used in your pressroom.

Roller - Blanket

Printing Blankets

Böttcher views press processes as systems whose functionality depends on the interaction between individual components. Besides paper, printing ink and technology, the choice of printing and coating blankets also plays a crucial role in determining the quality of the printed products. Böttcher has developed a diverse program of printing blankets and coating plates designed to achieve a single goal: to perfect the printed image and enhance the user-friendliness of presses. After all, we know rubber.