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Tester Machines


DIGITAL INK RUB TESTER Meets TAPPI T-830 and ASTM D 5264 The Digital Ink Rub Tester is designed to measure scuffing or rubbing resistance. Several tests can be performed including dry rub—the amount of transfer ink from one dry surface to another, wet rub—the amount of transfer ink from one wetted surface to another, wet bleed or transfer—ink transfer to a water-saturated blotter, wet smear—similar to wet bleed with the addition of rub cycles, functional rub/wet rub—smear or transfer tests using a liquid other than water and hot abrasion.  An optional heated weight provides a uniform test for evaluating "hot abrasion" resistance of printed cartons, labels, etc.

Tester Machines

IGT Glossmeter

The IGT Gloss Meter G60 is designed and manufactured in accordance with ISO2813, ASTM D2457and ASTM D523 .The IGT G75 is designed and manufactured with reference to TAPPI T480 om -2009 and ISO 8254-1..