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Pressroom Chemical

Böttcherin Aquilo

Premium cleaning agent with increased cleaning power for Rollers and Blankets in Sheet Fed Printing Especially appropriated for the use in automatic cleaning devices

Pressroom Chemical

Böttcherin Puridamp

Böttcherin Puridamp is a water-based alkaline cleaning agent for dampening rollers.

Pressroom Chemical

Böttcherin UV-Chameleon

Böttcherin UV-Chameleon is suitable for manual cleaning and for the use in automatic washing devices in UV-printing. It is also suitable for combi printing with conventional inks and UV inks.
Use BöttcherPro AR to deep clean rollers and blankets. BöttcherPro AR is ideal to speed-up color changes. It can be used for manual cleaning as well as for cleaning with automatic roller wash systems. BöttcherPro AR can also be used as a general purpose pressroom cleaner. Use to remove dried ink, paper dust and dried fountain solution from press side frames, platforms and cabinets.
BöttcherPro Calciumfix removes calcium glazing, deposited by paper coatings and ink pigments, form inker rollers and blankets. Ideal for removal of contaminants left after running alkaline stock or inks with high calcium content. Can be used on Conventional, Chameleon and EPDM rollers.
Uses Use BöttcherPro Cleanfix to deep clean the surface of ink rollers. BöttcherPro Cleanfix removes stubborn insoluble contaminants and restores surface nap. Regular use will help maintain a “like new” roller surface. Characteristics Safely removes glaze from roller surface Will not harm NBR or EPDM rollers Aromatic free Contains no harsh solvents Reduces glazing and...


Ci6x Series Portable

Improving Color Management at Every Link of the Supply Chain The Ci6x family of handheld spectrophotometers — Ci60, Ci62, Ci64 & Ci64UV is a performance-driven solution for managing color at any stage of production, and gives manufacturers a whole new level of confidence in their color data, regardless of where or when the measurements are collected.


Color iQC Print

This job-oriented software solution removes the guesswork from evaluating colors. It’s easy configurability allows for the creation and management of print jobs throughout the printing workflow, ensuring that all of the information critical to a successful print run is available to all workflow participants.
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