Kodak Sonora Xtra – Process Free Plates

The best process free plate just got better

KODAK SONORA XTRA Plates overcome the limitations of other process-free plates. With all the benefits of process-free plate making plus faster imaging speeds, better image contrast, and more robust handling, SONORA XTRA Plates will revolutionize your print operation.


SONORA XTRA Plates boast image contrast three times stronger than that of SONORA X. It’s easy to see even the smallest image details on the plate, and you can be confident adding automation, thanks to SONORA XTRA’s improved readability with vision systems and sorting equipment.


SONORA XTRA Plates are quick enough for the fastest platesetters, so you can get more out of your existing equipment, or you can upgrade your CTP to get to press even faster. With the T-speed KODAK MAGNUS Q800 Platesetter, you can image up to 80 SONORA XTRA Plates per hour.


A tougher substrate and more durable coating make SONORA XTRA Plates robust enough for just about any print environment. And thanks to SONORA XTRA’s enhanced scratch and scuff resistance, you can keep the presses running with no slowdowns.


SONORA XTRA Plates meet the needs
of most printers currently using unbaked processed plates – with run lengths of up to 400,000 impressions on web presses, 250,000 impressions on sheetfed presses, and 100,000 impressions
for UV-ink applications.

Kodak Sonora Xtra - Kẽm không dùng hóa chất

Reduce Waste for Cost and Environmental Savings

By eliminating the need for chemicals, water, and electricity from processing, SONORA XTRA Plates help you reduce environmental waste, meet local regulatory requirements, and appeal to customers concerned about sustainability.
SONORA XTRA Plates help printers do their part by completely eliminating the water used in prepress.

  • No water to rinse the plate in a plate processor
  • No water to mix concentrated chemistry
  • No water to dilute your finishing gum
  • No water to clean the plate processor or clean-out unit.

Concerned about Sustainable Production

Less Energy

When processing plates, thermal plate processors use on average 3.15 kWh for small units and 4.5 for larger devices. SONORA XTRA Plates eliminate plate processing and baking, saving energy.

Less Waste

SONORA XTRA Plates eliminate all processing chemistry, including all the hassles and costs of handling, shipping, storage, and disposal.

Save Costs Too/h3>
Reducing waste in the pressroom is an enormous opportunity for savings. With SONORA XTRA Plates, you save time, paper, and money in the pressroom with faster makereadies and greater dot stability. And no more plate processing means no more waste or press downtime because of plate processing defects.
For small printers, savings in the pressroom can be double the total prepress savings, and for the largest printers, pressroom benefits can increase savings by a factor of 9.


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